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Classes at paper THINK tank are held on a monthly basis.
Nicole is also available for demonstrations, one-on-one or group tutorials, and special workshops (with a mobile papermaking studio).


2019 Workshop Schedule at paperTHINKtank

basic watermark Imagery

Simple Watermarks & Image-making

Sunday April 14, 1pm – 4pm, 8 students | $75
In a watermark, light passes through paper to reveal a design or the symbol of its maker. In this workshop, participants will design their own simple watermarks (using only pencil and scissors!) to create imagery in their sheets of handmade paper. Using finely beaten pigmented paper pulps, the watermarks will be revealed and can also be made more visible by double-couching a white sheet of handmade paper on the back side.

This is a one-day workshop, spent in the wet studio, and will introduce students to the methods and materials of Western papermaking and watermarking with stencils. Students will create up to 10 sheets of handmade paper, including blank sheets.
Wet paper takes approximately 24 hours to dry. All dry sheets will be returned to the students via USPS within one week (unless other delivery/pick-up is arranged).

Daniel Heyman print on Donnelly paper

Papermaking for Printmakers

Two Sundays May 5, 1pm – 4pm and May 12, 1pm – 4pm
at paperTHINKtank (with Nicole Donnelly) and Second State Press (with Andrea Santos)
8 students, $150 class & materials fee

DAY 1 at paperTHINKtank Using abaca, cotton rag, and kozo fibers, Papermaking for Printmakers will introduce printmakers to some of the best fibers for woodblock, etching, and combination printing techniques that utilize chine colle. This first day is spent in the wet paper studio. Participants will make up to 10 sheets of handmade paper ideal for various printing techniques.
Then, on May 12th, DAY 2 at Second State Press, Andrea Santos will teach students a variety of printmaking techniques for their newly made paper.

Register at Second State Press:

by Nicole Donnelly, A Barn for Megan, 2017

High Shrinkage Pulps, Armature, and Pulp Painting

May 12 – 23, 2019
at the Paper & Book Intensive (PBI) at Ox-Box in Saugatuck, MI

I’m pleased to be offering a one-week intensive during the annual PBI at Ox-Box! Delve DEEP into pulp painting and sculptural paper practice. Participants will begin with basic sheet formation using low and high shrinkage pulps, and will pigment small batches of finely beaten pulp for use as pulp paint. We will cover principles of color theory and learn to manipulate pulp paint. We will then shift our focus to constructing three-dimensional forms using a combination of natural and found materials. Our still wet pulp paintings will be applied to the sculptural forms, where they dry and shrink around the form, revealing areas of translucency and opacity.

Paper and Book Inten­sive is an annual work­ing sab­bat­i­cal in the book arts, paper­mak­ing, and con­ser­va­tion for sea­soned prac­ti­tion­ers and moti­vated beginners. The courses offered here are taught by leading artists and craftspeople in the country. I hope you can join us there!

For more information, full list of courses, and to register:

Open Paper Studio

Sunday June 9, 1pm – 4pm, 8 students | $75

In this one day papermaking workshop, participants can make as much paper as their heart desires! I will prepare 3 different pulps based on participant feedback, usually two opaque pulps and one translucent/high shrinkage. Make sheets of paper from letter-size up to 11×17″ for your next artistic and/or crafting project. Participants should have some papermaking experience.

Introduction to Pulp Painting

Sunday July 14, 1pm – 4pm , open to 8 students, $75
Using pigmented cotton, linen, and abaca, learn how to move paper pulp in a painterly way. Pulp paint is its own distinct medium, which both behaves like a traditional paint, but with slightly different rules. In pulp painting, the imagery becomes an integrated part of the paper itself, creating an artwork that is 100% paper. Be prepared to play, design, and have fun!

Pulp Printing

Printing with Pulp, 4-week course

Mondays in July (8-29th), 6:30pm – 9:30pm, 12 students
at Fleisher Art Memorial
REGISTER at Fleisher

Learn how printmaking techniques can transform your images into handmade paper! First we’ll learn to make sheets of handmade paper from different fibers. Then, we will add pigmented paper pulp through various stencil printing techniques including screenprint. Using your own images and words, we will create acetate stencils to transfer them into handmade paper. You can combine and rearrange stencils and incorporate collage and layering techniques to create a variety of handmade paper sheets that are unique pieces of art.

Custom Papermaking Workshops

Special workshops can be arranged for groups of students at paperTHINKtank or brought to your organization.
Contact me for any requests, special/advanced topics, or open studio time.

All classes take place at:

3240 Collins Street / Studios at The LOOM
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Payment is due at time of registration to ensure your spot in the workshop.
Minimum enrollment must be reached seven days in advance for the workshop to run.
No refunds are available for cancellations made within a week of the workshop.



Nicole Donnelly with paper artworksNicole Donnelly is a papermaker, visual artist, and independent teacher based in Philadelphia, PA. She is the President of IAPMA, 2015-19,(International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists). She is also a co-organizer of the Hand Papermaking Community Documentation project, and is published in Hand Papermaking magazine (Winter 2013). She is the founder of paperTHINKtank, a member of the Friends of Dard Hunter, and a board member of The Soapbox: Community Print Shop & Zine Library. While she holds an MFA in painting, she studied hand papermaking with Timothy Barrett at the University of Iowa (2008-09) and fell in love with the process. Her artwork is focused on the environmentally sustainable possibilities and beauty of handmade paper. Images of her artwork are available here: