Services Offered

Paper Think Tank is now offering PULP BEATING to area papermakers and artists!

paperTHINKtank can currently provide these fibers in 1 lb. increments, with or without sizing:

  • Abaca, bleached or unbleached, 1 hr to 5 hr.
  • Cotton Linters, 30 min. & beyond
  • Flax fiber, 1 hr. to 4 hr.

SAMPLE PRICE TABLE (subject to change)

1 lb. dry fiber 1st hr 4 hr 8 hr
Abaca $25 $45 $65
Cotton Linters $20 $40
Flax Type R $35 $55 $75
I’m also offering special discounted rates for fibers I’ve never beaten before.

Want to pay less?

You can:
1) provide your own buckets;
2) provide your own dry fiber; or
3) request a fiber that I haven’t tested in the Valley beater yet

Give me a call & we’ll talk, or place an order now!
(215) 300-3561