Printing Dard Hunter Rose Greeting Cards

PaperTHINKTank was invited to be a vendor at the Greensgrow Farms Twilight Market! In preparation of tabling at the August Twilight Market, we worked on putting together batches of notebooks, stationery packs, and greeting cards, in addition to larger sheets of handmade paper.

After pulling sheets of handmade cotton paper, we made greeting cards by printing the handmade cotton paper with pink and deep green ink, using a design of the Dard Hunter Rose. The Dard Hunter Rose is a classic Art Deco floral motif. In order to get a more rustic, artisanal effect, we printed each card by hand, using a two-layer process.

An easy and fun way to make relief prints is to make the printing block out of pieces of foam glued onto cardboard. It’s both simple and cost-efficient, making it a great printmaking project to do in any amount of space and with few materials. The relief print comes out looking crisp and bright, perfect for the front of a greeting card to a loved one!