In the Studio

paperTHINKtank is a fully equipped papermaking studio. Since 2013, we have steadily worked towards acquiring and equipping the studio so it can operate professionally for production and artistic purposes.

Hollander Beaters

valley beaterOur 1 lb. Valley Beater macerates the RAW FIBER with water to make PAPER PULP. Beating times vary from 30 min (for a light cotton paper) to 6-8 hours (for a finely beaten pulp that produces translucent or sculptural results, as with abaca or flax).

  • Valley Beater ACQUIRED in Dec. 2012
  • Valley Beater #2 ACQUIRED in Oct. 2015 with THANKS to Carol Cole!

Vats / Moulds & Deckles

The VAT contains the PAPER PULP and extra water. MOULDS & DECKLES are used to scoop the PULP from the VAT to create each sheet of paper individually, shaking front to back and side to side in Western sheetforming.

  • Western Mould sizes: 8 x 10″; 9 x 12″; 12 x 18″; 14 x 20″; 19 x 26″; 42 x 84″ (giant paper!)
  • Eastern Mould sizes: 10 x 13″; 15 x 22″
  • Vats: 24 x 36 x 12″ (large); 16 x 20 x 4″ (small)

Couching Station & Felts

At the COUCHING STATION, freshly made sheets of paper are turned out onto FELTS. Sheets of FELT, or synthetic felt called PELLON, are interleaved between the wet sheets of PAPER to absorb excess water.
We have felts in limited quantity, and pellon to accommodate our largest sheet sizes.

Paper Press

press2The PAPER PRESS is crucial to making strong and durable sheets of paper.
Our 20-ton hydraulic press accommodates boards up to 20″ wide.

Drying Stack

dryingStackThe DRYING STACK dries papers flat after they have been PRESSED.

Interleaved between blotting papers and cardboard, the stack accommodates 25 layers.

Wet paper takes 24-48 hours to dry completely.


In kind donations (used equipment or reusable materials) are gratefully accepted, but no longer in high demand. If you are looking for a home for your out-of-use papermaking equipment (moulds, felts, beater), feel free to contact me, and we can help you find them a new home.

If you have lovingly used equipment (and you don’t see it on this page) for in-kind donation or are looking to sell good equipment for a reasonable price, please email